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Submission Guidelines


CommunitySEO is not currently accepting new submissions or orders. Thanks for your interest, please check back later.

Our Submission Guidelines Are Simple

CommunitySEO maintains a "good neighborhood" directory where individuals and organizations can showcase their websites and business details.

To this end, we do *NOT* accept domains that;

Acceptable Submissions

A good submission has a live website, is in the English language, is well-maintained and well-organized and has unique content (exceptions for e-commerce shopping carts).

A great submission has user generated content and activity, connected social presence(s), and a clear focus.

All acceptable submissions give value to visitors through content and/or design.

An address isn't necessary, but if you have one, it should be in the US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Those are the only countries we allow addresses from at this time.

Why Guidelines?

At CommunitySEO, we're dedicated to building a directory of good and great listings curated (collected and moderated) by hand.

Every submission is checked by us before being approved to go live. We will manually correct and edit listings to make them more useful, correct and complete.

We'll turn away any amount of business if the submissions don't meet our criteria. If we're not maintaining the highest quality standard, we're not meeting our goal of being the best directory on the web.